Cloud Dream Series 1, 2020, Oil on canvas, 36 X 36 inches

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  • This painting is included in a series of works titled “A Storyboard of Movement Explorations”.

I see the movements of these Paintings relating to the movements of a Dance. This impulse to connect the two expressions stems from a 34 year relationship with movement.

I imagine a Dancer sweeping their limbs just like the brushes stroke the canvas.  The following is a Dance/Movement Score.  This Dance Score will be included in the Purchase of Cloudy Dreams 1.

Let’s imagine the dance…

An Audience of 20 gathers in a studio setting resembling Laban Dance Centre in London. There are 24 high back rolling office chairs sitting in a row against the wall. As the audience takes their seats, the lights dim and a projection of deep sea creatures begins to play on multiple panels on the wall. In silence, a dance theater artist appears and begins a mesmerizing performance with a Fushigi Crystal Ball. Their skills are remarkably close to that of famed magician Michael Moschen’s.
As the solo finishes, the projection begins to dissolve slowly into a completely white background.  Silence turns to sound as “A Trip into Deep Bass Music” begins to play.  Four dancers draped with feathers enter the space and begin moving in sync, they remain united for several minutes flowing in and out of quick rhythm. Their uniformity is incredibly masterful.  All at once the four dancers move toward the four empty chairs. Once seated the projection changes again to a sea of traveling clouds, the projection also shifts from the wall to the ceiling.
The dancers begin to roll themselves out into the space performing a fluid dance in the chairs until all of the sudden, the dancers move back towards the audience to carefully roll each audience member out into the space. Eventually everyone is looking up as the image of the clouds very slowly fades.