Sometimes we are encouraged to to travel one path…I am choosing to intertwine many with the hope that the outcome with represent my artistic vision and entirety of inspirations. I believe everything is connected and my work as a dancer, photographer, and performer all play a significant role in the directions I take in my paintings. My creation process is open and meditative, I rarely have a fully set plan for the outcome and am able to practice being in the moment and moving freely and fearlessly.  It has taken years to develop a balance between energy and ease in the process, between going too far and holding back too much.  I’m focused on continuing to find this balance in my work and in my life. 

Sometimes we see in many colors, sometimes we see in only a few. Sometimes we hear things clearly, sometimes they are muffled. Sometimes we travel through darkness, sometimes we travel bathed in light. Life is like that, you learn from both sides as much as you’re willing to look at and love them. Our human ability to find beauty in the world, in nature, in all living things is inherent. Maybe it all matters, and nothing matters. Maybe what we do with this very moment and how we invite what is with us now, what is right in front of us, determines how much joy we experience. The mistakes and successes are only ever possible because of one another. Art is our friend, endlessly inspiring and endlessly trying to engage us, to bring us into the magic.


photo credit: Purple Fern Photography