Trio Trio, 2018, Oil on canvas, 6 x 12 inches


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This painting is included in a series of works titled “A Storyboard of Movement Explorations”.

I see the movements of these Paintings relating to the movements of a Dance. This impulse to connect the two expressions stems from a 34 year relationship with movement.

I imagine a Dancer sweeping their limbs just like the brushes stroke the canvas.  The following is a Dance/Movement Score.  This Dance Score will be included in the Purchase of Trio Trio.

Let’s Imagine the Dance…

The audience waits in sailboats surrounding a wooden dock.  The dock is narrow and dark in color and extends several yards from the land. The water is clear and the audience can see the life underneath. There are three Dancers with long flowing hair standing on the dock in relative stillness. The costumes seem narrow and tight fitting at first but as the wind begins to catch them, they begin to unfurl revealing large wingspans of fabric that blows softly in the air.  The music begins, a calming track by RY X called “Hounds”. The Dancers begin to move on and off balance finding moments to hover over the edge of dock. They grab hands with one another and begin a series of movements with their upper bodies.  One Dancer breaks the bond and gradually ends up at the edge of the dock performing a solo showcasing the bigness of her costume and the strength of her balance. The remaining Dancers stay connected and walk slowly to the edge of the dock.  They all begin to dip their toes in the water until one Dancer takes the leap, swims to a boat and joins the audience.  The remaining Dancers begin moving back towards land as the boats drift away.