Growing Love, 2020, Oil on wood, 12 x 24 inches


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This painting is included in a series of works titled “A Storyboard of Movement Explorations”.

I see the movements of these Paintings relating to the movements of a Dance. This impulse to connect the two expressions stems from a 34 year relationship with movement.

I imagine a Dancer sweeping their limbs just like the brushes stroke the canvas.  The following is a Dance/Movement Score. This Dance Score will be included in the Purchase of Pac-Man Love.

Let’s Imagine the Dance…

Taking place on a remote beach in Puerto Rico, this dance is a duet between a dancer and a peacock.  The audience is nestled on blankets as the dancer begins to appear swimming into shore.  A Peacock stands waiting in the sand.  The duet that ensues is nothing short of spectacular.